2015 Plan

My biggest plan for 2015 is…

GET A JOB. Once it done, I could be free and doing another plan.

These are my plan after getting a job:

  • Hafizh Al-Quran juz 30.
  • Khusuk at shalat, increase the recitation of surah, reading Al-Quran and its translation, and do shalat sunnah.
  • Learn to crochet seriously until I can make a tablecloth.
  • At least make one hanging weaving object so my weaving loom becomes useful.
  • Diligently write this blog.
  • Cook often.
  • Doing something with leatherwork.
  • Play my violin.
  • Learn another song for my ukulele. Since I only know Take My Heart and La Vie en Rose for months.
  • Exercise so I’ll not get sick. Jogging every Sunday or Hip-Hop Body-ing, and doing face stretching every morning.
  • Read at least a book for a month.
  • Taking care of my own body. Buy make-ups, doing wardrobe makeover, and brush my hair a lot.

It’s a lot. But after I get my job, I will seriously do it all.


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