Leatherworking with Everyday Tools

Holla! Finally I started trying leatherwork. After a failed attempt at buying leather few months ago, I finally found it online at smartyhands.com. Know it from reading an old issue of MS Living Indonesia. Why is it miss from my radar…

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Well, I don’t have specific tools for leather, so I just gather things that I thought would make it. Cutter, pencil, drawing pen, binder clips, ruler, pliers, sewing scissors, needles, waxed thread, candle, nail pin and a piece of leftover board from our family woodworking last moment.

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First, I tried to make card holder as an experiment to know how to get everything right. And it appears that I need bigger nail pin to make a hole on leather. If you wonder what pliers has to do in this project, I used it to substitute the hammer since I couldn’t find it. Moreover, I need it to hoe the nail pin. Continue reading


Craft Supplies Hunting (2): Pasar Pagi Mangga Dua

Ada beberapa item pesenan Mama yang nggak ketemu di Tanah Abang. Salah satunya pita motif lucu-lucu. Kata abang-abang penjual di Blok F sih kalau mau cari yang begituan ada di Blok A lt. 7, tapi apa daya waktu sudah mepet untuk acara selanjutnya dan dompet juga sudah kosong.

Lusanya, memutuskan untuk pergi ke Toko Maju di Pasar Mayestik dan Toko Kulit Dhenig di Harco. Rencananya sih naik kereta jurusan Jatinegara, turun di Kampung Bandan buat beli kulit di Harco, habis itu naik kereta ke Kebayoran buat ke Mayestik. Namun nyatanya, sesampainya di Harco, tokonya nggak jual kulit eceran per feet. Belinya harus lembaran yang diitungnya per feet. Satu lembar kulit vegetable tan kira-kira ada 20-25 feet. Per feetnya sekitar Rp 67.000, lupa untuk yang ketebalan berapa. Batal deh rencana crafting iseng dari kulit. Lagian bukannya telepon dulu ya.

Sesuai rencana, dari Harco mau langsung ke Mayestik, eh tak disangka, flat shoes yang dipakai tiba-tiba rusak. Akhirnya sekalian deh jalan ke Mangga Dua buat beli sandal. Nggak ketemu sandal malah ketemu baju-baju lucu, pernak-pernik lucu, rasanya mau borong… Tapi harus ditunda dulu karena kaki udah nggak nyaman. Setelah ketemu tukang jualan sandal di ITC Mangga Dua, nyebrang ke Pasar Pagi lt. 3 karena katanya disana banyak toko yang jualan alat jahit. Bener aja dong, banyak banget toko craft di lt. 3 ini. Toko pertama yang dimasukin yang deket jembatan penghubung ITC dan Pasar Pagi, disini nemu kalung mutiara yang dibeli Mama di Lampung seharga Rp 10.000 dijual Rp 2.500 aja! Cus beli 2! Terus ketemu perlengkapan buat bikin kalung dan gelang yang dijual bungkusan isi kira-kira 100 pcs. Sayang gak butuh sebanyak itu. Terus ketemu deh toko yang jual pita dan renda. Koleksi pitanya bagusan di Mayestik sih. Tapi sudah malas jalan ke Mayestiknya, dan juga disini rendanya mihil-mihil tapi memang lebih variatif sih daripada di Tanah Abang. Tipikal renda buat gaun pesta. Kalo harga pita sih sebelas-duabelas sama di Mayestik, Rp 2500-Rp 5000. Continue reading

Paper Flower Monogram

Yeay! Another paper flower craft!

When I read the tutorial from Living Loving yesterday. I decide to make my own monogram today. So, when the sun rised up, I ran to the bookstore and bought some crepe papers. And when I was wandering in Toys Kingdom, I found something that made my eyes popped. Glue gun with 50% off!! I ran to ask the salesgirl to confirm the price. And it’s really 50% off! I was so happy that I couldn’t stop smiling! Well, I’ve been dreaming of having one and now you don’t have to give me glue gun as a gift for my next birthday :p

paper flower monogram-1

I bought that glue gun with only IDR 24.900 and the glue stick got 70% off. So it becomes Rp 3.450. Even cheaper than a cheap glukol o_O
Smart shoppers! Go get yours at the nearest Toys Kingdom! They still have tons of it! Lol.

Well, back to the flowers.

It was kinda easy to make. Not as I was thinking before.  But it’s hard to cut the Styrofoam, so I let it square and wrapped it with gift paper that I bought a long time ago. Continue reading

Fingerprint Balloons

I gave the birthday boy two books about financial planning. Huh? Sounds boring? But we both recently put an interest into that thing. I gave him Manajemen by Amplop authored by Aidil Akbar and a green one.

Another gift was a double sided frame. I placed one side with a photo of him wearing his engineer suit that I stole from his laptop, and on another side I placed a drawing of mine with fingerprint balloons. As much as his age.

fingerprint balloons-4 Continue reading

A Bouquet of Roses

Last Saturday, I’ve got a single red rose from Avis. This is the third time he gave me that kind of thing. The first one in the valentine evening in 2013, second when we have a random date, and the last is on 25th of April, when he accompany me to buy a new phone.

Paper rose - 1

Having got some single roses, I thought of giving him a bouquet of rose. Of course I’d give him that kind of flower that will never wilt. Paper flower it is.

I read the tutorial from JonesDesignCompany that give very clear instructions how to make a rose with only rolled the paper.

For me, I’m using 16×16 cm color papers and have it printed with music notes, “My Favorite Things” from Sound of Music because currently I hear it every day. I print five of them and cut it at once for saving time :p Continue reading