Two Memories

There are two memories that easily make me cry:

1. My dead cats;
2. My 23rd birthday.

The latter hurts the most.
Hope the list doesn’t grow.


The Great Swimmer

At this time of year I realize that I’m not a good swimmer.
Allowing myself to be carried by the current is supposedly easy, but it hurts my skin.
Now, all I wanna do is stop following the stream and stay on my own.
I’ll not give a damn about the heavy river behind, I have my small pipeline.
It may hurts a bit, but that makes me “me”.

Julie Collings – All Over Again

I first listened this song as a bgm for a movie called Nearlyweds on TV. Kinda love it but can’t find the lyrics on the internet. So, here!

Ah ah all over again (4x)

You asked me if I’d be your one and only
To have and to hold
You told me that you have more love to show me
As we grow old

Standing here in front of me
This is everything love is meant to be

And I can feel my heart
Taking me right back to the start
That magical time, when you became mine
And I’m falling in love with you
All over again
Ah ah all over again (2x) Continue reading