It’s been a year


It’s been a year since I start working here. So many things happened so far. Happy ones, sad ones, shocking ones, furious ones, everything. And I still thinking that there’s a lot things to learn and the fact that I’m still a newbie in this business.

After one year, I learned a lot of the business process of coal mining and government work. It’s definitely not simple and my ‘a lot’ is still only 1% from the whole things. So I got placed in Coal Business Services division? It’s like the division that focusing on drafting and analyzing mining contracts and licenses, pretty suits me whose a legal bachelor. I like being here. I think it’s a great place to start since you need to cooperate with almost all division in this Directorate General and get to know the process. Here, I attend so many meetings inside and outside the town, either with the companies or other ministry. I went discover Indonesia which is out of my mind when I applied here. And I learned that bureaucracy sometimes really annoying, but without that, we could lose our process, and it means hell. Continue reading

2016’s Resolutions

It’s at the end of February, yet I still writing my New Year resolution here. It isn’t like I don’t have much to write it down, maybe it’s just hard to start writing. Now, I just got back from two weeks English course from the office and sit in front of my sister whose studying hard for the quiz. We’re at this restaurant with pleasant vibe and delicious savory pancake. It’s not crowded even though on weekend and the other customers just open their laptop and write. I think it’s time for me to start writing again.

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I write my resolution here just because my life (blog) feels incomplete. I keep thinking of what I’m going to do. It’s like I don’t have any goal to reach this year. Well, even though I don’t always give the check sign to all of them, at least the list of resolution kind of made me have guidance for a year. So this is my list for this year:

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The Great Swimmer

At this time of year I realize that I’m not a good swimmer.
Allowing myself to be carried by the current is supposedly easy, but it hurts my skin.
Now, all I wanna do is stop following the stream and stay on my own.
I’ll not give a damn about the heavy river behind, I have my small pipeline.
It may hurts a bit, but that makes me “me”.

2015 Resolution Check and Recap

So, here’s my accomplishments for 2015:

  • GET A JOB.
    Got it. A job that I never regret in 2015.
  • Hafizh Al-Quran juz 30.
    Nope. But at least my recitation of surah has increase.
  • Khusuk at shalat, increase the recitation of surah, reading Al-Quran and its translation, and do shalat sunnah
    Alhamdulillah that my work environment is so nice so I can pray freely, but not khusuk enough. That’s a problem from myself.
  • Learn to crochet seriously until I can make a tablecloth.
    Done. But all the granny’s squares I made was used to make a cushion cover handled by mom.
  • At least make one hanging weaving object so my weaving loom becomes useful.
    I made 3! And I was joined a weaving class by It was really useful.
  • Diligently write this blog.
    Am I diligent enough? Nope.

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