2014 Resolution Check and Recap

It’s already the end of 2014. Let’s see if I have accomplished my resolution.

  • Get my law degree this year! It’s a must!
    Get it. I’m proud of my bachelor thesis. Alhamdulillah I didn’t find any big obstacle when writing my thesis.
  • Having internship before June.
    Have it done for 3 months, from April to July, in one of the biggest coal company in Indonesia. I got much valuable lessons there.
  • Get a job before the end of year. It’s way better if I already get it before graduation.
    Still jobless…
  • Read Al-Quran and its translation. Need to bring one from home.
    Alhamdulillah. Khatam. Need to repeat this for the next year.
  • Getting better on violin.
    Getting suck on violin actually. Especially after the concert.
  • Follow the daily schedule. At least for 10 days in a row, for a reason.
    Done. For 10 days. And stop.

  • Studying English, especially structures.
    Study it well. Take a course. But TOEFL score has decreased by 9 points.
  • Reviewing all the law materials, especially business law.
    Slightly done…
  • Be nice, be good, be healthy, be pretty, be smart and don’t forget to smile :)
    Getting ugly, I guess… Hurt myself in some part and the bruises haven’t gone until now. Sometimes getting sick. Lack of Hip-Hop Body-ing I guess.

I could say that 2014 was a year of the heart adventure (?) Hahaha. For I’ve got to explore all my thought and feelings this year. Read a lot of books. Get my first payment. Lose a phone. Buy a new one. Learn about working environment and start to think about getting a job. Lost many kilos because of deep sadness caused by a broken heart. Become a bachelor of law with my thesis. Become interested to be a government officer. Learn to be creative by making paper flower, making dolls, crocheting, weaving, using watercolors, and cooking. And doing nothing for months.

I was always busy until the end of July. Then I do nothing for the rest of the year. I’m not regretting it btw. It’s nice to be at home and getting closer with my family. But I thought it should be over in 2015. I love to be at home. But this is must stop for my own good.

Thank you 2014. I learnt a lot from this year. Totally taught me to thank God and be grateful for all the things I have.


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