Ice Cream with Kecap Manis Topping

I was watching chef Adrian Richardson on AFC yesterday when I heard that he’s using kecap manis, an Indonesian soy sauce. W00t? I never know that kecap manis is so exclusively belong to Indonesia. Of course it tickles my brain to search more about kecap manis on internet. And yep, it related to Indonesia and the foreigners called it kecap manis by its Indonesian name, not sweet soy sauce. Amazon sells it for approximately $10 for a bottle. The reviews are all positive and the users say that it’s worth it!

Here in Indonesia, kecap manis is like a must have item in the kitchen or on the top of dining table. Almost everything I eat use kecap manis in it and you can have it for not more than $1 for a bottle. It’s like 10 times more expensive when it’s exported. Wow, I’m so glad that Indonesia has a looooot of spices and cheap and delicious food!

Another thing that interest me is that one of the review says that he tried kecap manis on top of vanilla ice cream since the consistency of it is kind of similar with maple syrup. Is he like it? Yes. Hahaha. I laugh out loud when I first read that. Fries with ice cream is good, popcorn with ice cream is nice, but kecap manis with ice cream? Well, since I have leftover strawberry ice cream in my fridge, why don’t we try it? Continue reading


Simple Bread Pudding

Bread pudding seems nice, isn’t it? But when I look up the internet for the recipe. What I found was not ‘bread pudding’ like in my head. Why  must pudding be steamed or baked? For all I know is to make pudding, you only need to have it boiled then chilled in refrigerator and voila! It’s done. Hahaha. Hey! I’m a Southeast Asia girl who thinks that pudding is called pudding if it’s silky and served chill!

Nah, I’m searching for the simplicity here. So I make bread pudding based on my thought, my mom’s recipe. Continue reading

Birthday Brunch Sent To Your Office

Yesterday I went to Avis’ office, plan to give him birthday surprise by commending lunch box to the security. Well, the plan didn’t work because there’re so many securities in front of the office. The situation that makes me confused haha. So, I call him and ask him to come faster. It’s being awkward being alone there.

Btw, I made simple sandwich for him, here’s my recipe. Continue reading

Heart Shaped Egg

Whch one do you prefer,
Heart shaped sunny side up ?

Heart shaped boiled eggs?

Who knows that both are pretty easy to make. Haha, don’t mention about the imperfect heart shaped that I made. That was my first try :p

I was using stainless heart-shaped pancakes mold for the sunny side up and do special trick for those boiled eggs.

So you wanna know the trick?
I cheat the trick from :D
She has a lot of bento tutorials that make me drool even before I try to make one.