It’s been a year


It’s been a year since I start working here. So many things happened so far. Happy ones, sad ones, shocking ones, furious ones, everything. And I still thinking that there’s a lot things to learn and the fact that I’m still a newbie in this business.

After one year, I learned a lot of the business process of coal mining and government work. It’s definitely not simple and my ‘a lot’ is still only 1% from the whole things. So I got placed in Coal Business Services division? It’s like the division that focusing on drafting and analyzing mining contracts and licenses, pretty suits me whose a legal bachelor. I like being here. I think it’s a great place to start since you need to cooperate with almost all division in this Directorate General and get to know the process. Here, I attend so many meetings inside and outside the town, either with the companies or other ministry. I went discover Indonesia which is out of my mind when I applied here. And I learned that bureaucracy sometimes really annoying, but without that, we could lose our process, and it means hell. Continue reading


Tomorrow is the first day at work

Because tomorrow is my first day at work, I think I should write what’s in my mind before I jump in to work life. To make a reminder for myself, in case I get bored, lazy to work, want to quit, etc.

It will be my first day at real work experience. It’s been 8 months since I was graduated. At first, I thought that I go with the job that offer superb amount of salary. But then, I didn’t really care about how much money I would earn, since I have a plan to be a wife someday and I hope that I’m not going to be a breadwinner of the house. It’s so selfish, right? But I really think that way. Because men have their pride and kids need their mom. And at the end of the year, I barely applied to anywhere since I’m being too picky with the job. You can count it with only one hand.

The first company that I applied is the one where I have my 3 months internship while doing my thesis. Well, you couldn’t call that I applied actually… I’ve been called to take a test before graduation day, everyone in the program has been called too. I failed at psychology test, I know that I would fail since I was in the middle of depression that days. And that’s the first and the last time I took psychology test. Continue reading

Confused Mind

It’s been a long time since the last time I cried while leaving my hometown. Until junior year of college, I used to cry in the bus and covered my face with pashmina full of snot for years. But, last night I was crying, again, and my runny nose need tissue, and my eyes need it too. It was the tears because I know that I’m not going home for a long time in my entire life.

I keep thinking about this big step that night and now while my tears drop down in my pillow. Why should I go find a job far away from home… And like the entire universe conspires to add more guilt, I watched this Bolt movie on TV when I just arrived at my rent room. That show made me remembering my happy time with my kittens. Those silly tears come fall again. Continue reading