The Great Swimmer

At this time of year I realize that I’m not a good swimmer.
Allowing myself to be carried by the current is supposedly easy, but it hurts my skin.
Now, all I wanna do is stop following the stream and stay on my own.
I’ll not give a damn about the heavy river behind, I have my small pipeline.
It may hurts a bit, but that makes me “me”.


2015 Resolution Check and Recap

So, here’s my accomplishments for 2015:

  • GET A JOB.
    Got it. A job that I never regret in 2015.
  • Hafizh Al-Quran juz 30.
    Nope. But at least my recitation of surah has increase.
  • Khusuk at shalat, increase the recitation of surah, reading Al-Quran and its translation, and do shalat sunnah
    Alhamdulillah that my work environment is so nice so I can pray freely, but not khusuk enough. That’s a problem from myself.
  • Learn to crochet seriously until I can make a tablecloth.
    Done. But all the granny’s squares I made was used to make a cushion cover handled by mom.
  • At least make one hanging weaving object so my weaving loom becomes useful.
    I made 3! And I was joined a weaving class by It was really useful.
  • Diligently write this blog.
    Am I diligent enough? Nope.

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I think I know what’s in villain’s mind

So I just finished watching Disney’s Descendants few days ago. Honestly, I really really really want to watch it since Eid al-Fitr holiday, but I have to prepare for Prajab. I’ll write about Prajab later after Brigade Energy Camp since I’ve got much much happy moments there :D

Back to the Disney’s Descendants. I hate antagonist characters in almost every movie, so I thought that I wouldn’t like the characters since they’re Disney’s antagonists’ descendants. But the story was promising! Then I fell in love with every evil’s descendants in this film. Should I tell you my favorite descendant? My favorite is Evie, The Evil Queen’s daughter. And please don’t forget this movie soundtracks, very ear-catching and playful. My personal favorites are Evil Like Me and Rotten To The Core. I know much synonyms for ‘evil’ after listening to the songs.

image from

Disney’s Descendants casts. Image from

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