It’s been a year


It’s been a year since I start working here. So many things happened so far. Happy ones, sad ones, shocking ones, furious ones, everything. And I still thinking that there’s a lot things to learn and the fact that I’m still a newbie in this business.

After one year, I learned a lot of the business process of coal mining and government work. It’s definitely not simple and my ‘a lot’ is still only 1% from the whole things. So I got placed in Coal Business Services division? It’s like the division that focusing on drafting and analyzing mining contracts and licenses, pretty suits me whose a legal bachelor. I like being here. I think it’s a great place to start since you need to cooperate with almost all division in this Directorate General and get to know the process. Here, I attend so many meetings inside and outside the town, either with the companies or other ministry. I went discover Indonesia which is out of my mind when I applied here. And I learned that bureaucracy sometimes really annoying, but without that, we could lose our process, and it means hell.

Getting placed in this directorate makes me know at least one person in every sub directorate here, and I learned about people’s characters. How one person is so different than the others. How one thing could make your life different. That your tongue is the sharpest organ you have. How to react to the boss, to the colleagues, to the seniors, to the company representatives. And here I got the boss that’s pretty strict with the grammatical errors in letters, the boss who’s so easygoing and funny, the beautiful ones that sometimes make me wondered why I look like a rubbish bag, the chubby ones that look so fluffy I wanna jump into, the handsome ones it’s hard to not staring at, the weird ones, and so many the jaw-dropping ones. And here I found that the people are pious it motivates me to pray more.

I still have 30++ years to work here. It’s only been a year and I’ve been experiencing many moments so far. After being here for one year, I could say that this job suits me. So, now I know why a lot of people want to work as government officer. It’s a great place to work for those who want stable income and working hour. When people say the salary here is not enough, for me it’s actually enough that I could reach my saving target for a single. But the most important thing is that I got the pride because I’m working hard for the nation. Yep, I need the pride to work.


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