2016’s Resolutions

It’s at the end of February, yet I still writing my New Year resolution here. It isn’t like I don’t have much to write it down, maybe it’s just hard to start writing. Now, I just got back from two weeks English course from the office and sit in front of my sister whose studying hard for the quiz. We’re at this restaurant with pleasant vibe and delicious savory pancake. It’s not crowded even though on weekend and the other customers just open their laptop and write. I think it’s time for me to start writing again.

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I write my resolution here just because my life (blog) feels incomplete. I keep thinking of what I’m going to do. It’s like I don’t have any goal to reach this year. Well, even though I don’t always give the check sign to all of them, at least the list of resolution kind of made me have guidance for a year. So this is my list for this year:

  1. Not forget to clean up after going home. I need to invest on my body since I already invest on the product. It’s a waste if I’m not consistent to use it, besides I have a great plan next year to make myself looks prettier. So, I will go home, take a nice bath, put some scrub and cleanser, wear lotion and balm, put on eye mask, and I’m going to be pretty next year. That’s the plan.
  2. I still want to memorize a lot of surah. It’s harder than I thought to memorize all surah in juz 30. There’s a lot of long surah. So I guess I’m going to lower down the level to the half of it. Maybe I can use the last year technique, by repeating them all in salat. And I want to memorize another doa too.
  3. Exercise, exercise, and exercise. I really want to try yoga, but doesn’t have friend to do it together. Well, for now I just stick to my routine Sunday jogs and HipHopBodying. And start doing small exercise at the office. My body’s all stiff. I even find it hard to cock my head up.
  4. Write this blog for the sake of memory.
  5. Take a good photo everywhere for the sake of memory. I’ve already invest on a good camera phone, though. So, better make it useful.
  6. Stop talking non-sense. It’s kind of fun to talk about somebody else, but now I think I should stop. It’s useless, doesn’t have any profit, and only make me look worse. So I better keep my mouth shut unless it’s necessary. Keep it in mind, myself!!
  7. Color my coloring book and start practicing calligraphy. I’ve already invest on the tools! But I guess I need some workshop, or book, because I don’t have any guidance for it. Seems the internet doesn’t provide what I need.

Well, I guess that’s all. It’s a simple list, isn’t it? This year’s list is about to make use of my investment on everything and just need consistency to make it happen.


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