I think I know what’s in villain’s mind

So I just finished watching Disney’s Descendants few days ago. Honestly, I really really really want to watch it since Eid al-Fitr holiday, but I have to prepare for Prajab. I’ll write about Prajab later after Brigade Energy Camp since I’ve got much much happy moments there :D

Back to the Disney’s Descendants. I hate antagonist characters in almost every movie, so I thought that I wouldn’t like the characters since they’re Disney’s antagonists’ descendants. But the story was promising! Then I fell in love with every evil’s descendants in this film. Should I tell you my favorite descendant? My favorite is Evie, The Evil Queen’s daughter. And please don’t forget this movie soundtracks, very ear-catching and playful. My personal favorites are Evil Like Me and Rotten To The Core. I know much synonyms for ‘evil’ after listening to the songs.

image from http://theyoungfolks.com/

Disney’s Descendants casts. Image from http://theyoungfolks.com/

So what’s the connection between this movie and the title? Well, these few days I’ve doing so many mischievous actions, because doing so makes me happy. Haha, I don’t know if I was doing mischief because I got inspired by this movie or if there’s something evil in me or the people are just annoying. People are annoying so I just teased them a little… lot. Well, most of it I did in the train by pushing people, step on their feet, or annoyingly touch them until they go ‘eeeergh!’ or ‘aduuh!’,  to the people I don’t know and I don’t bother to know because they’re acting over and annoying. So why did I do those evil things even though I’m a nice girl?

I found the answer in Rotten To The Core lyric:

“So I’ve got some mischief
In my blood
Can you blame me?
I never got no love”

Yup that’s true, I was feeling unloved, so I was jealous with other happy people, put me in bad mood mode, then I act annoying so they know that I’m being annoyed with their presence.

Well, when I write this post, I was in good mood, correction, not so good but better than yesterday, so people in the train could come closer because I won’t hurt your toes :)

And the conclusion is… villain is villain because they fell unloved. So, love your family, friends and partner so they don’t become callous and makes them the villain of the society. And that’s the conclusion for the movie, too. The descendants stop doing evil after they found love.

Oops sorry, spoiler :)


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