Tomorrow is the first day at work

Because tomorrow is my first day at work, I think I should write what’s in my mind before I jump in to work life. To make a reminder for myself, in case I get bored, lazy to work, want to quit, etc.

It will be my first day at real work experience. It’s been 8 months since I was graduated. At first, I thought that I go with the job that offer superb amount of salary. But then, I didn’t really care about how much money I would earn, since I have a plan to be a wife someday and I hope that I’m not going to be a breadwinner of the house. It’s so selfish, right? But I really think that way. Because men have their pride and kids need their mom. And at the end of the year, I barely applied to anywhere since I’m being too picky with the job. You can count it with only one hand.

The first company that I applied is the one where I have my 3 months internship while doing my thesis. Well, you couldn’t call that I applied actually… I’ve been called to take a test before graduation day, everyone in the program has been called too. I failed at psychology test, I know that I would fail since I was in the middle of depression that days. And that’s the first and the last time I took psychology test.

The other company is a cargo one, I sent my CV and application letter via email, and they never respond.

The third one is this ministry.

The fourth one is a consumer goods company, failed at HR interview. Mother said that the interviewer knows that I’m not serious about working in this job, because I’ve been praying for the third one more.

And that’s all.

And here I am now. Get accepted as a candidate of government officer in a ministry that focused in energy. It has never been in my mind. Looking at my older post about my dream job, I never said in a word that I want to be a government officer. So hard to tell… maybe it’ll be easier if I write it down by the chronology.

One day in September, me and my friends gathered in front of birpen asking for the diploma and academic transcript. The graduates need it quickly since they want to apply for government officer recruitment. I was wondering why they want to be a part of it since my father often told me that if you’re become a government officer, don’t forget to bring some spinach and cut it while working. It’s a connotation since he thought that I will have nothing to do at work if I ended up being a government officer. But, looking at my friends who’s so eagerly to apply made me want to apply. Maybe my father was wrong.

At first, I want to apply to Ministry of Law since I’m a law graduate. But it requires a lot of paper work such as police clearance report, certificate of health, and drug-free certificate. It’s a lot to do and cost pretty much money since I have to go back to my hometown to make one. So, I choose Ministry of Energy, because I think it suits my background experience and it only requires TOEFL score. I already have one from the last year, a prediction. I haven’t got my TOEFL-ITP score yet.  I wrote the application letter in faculty canteen with Nanza right after we have our diploma legalized. We went to Cikini to send the files and play with scary Masha at Monas.

While waiting for the test announcement, I bought an exercise book and start browsing about the plus-minus of being a government officer. I started to like it and had a lot of thoughts of it. Googling them made me remember my days after the internship over. Honestly, I like coal, the smell of it, the legal issues, the complex regulations, and I remember how I hate it so much because it left big holes on earth. I’ve been training in two major coal companies, the one is a state owned company, and another one is a private company. I have attended so many workshops about mining and energy too. You could called that I have an energy themed CV! So where would I go next? I don’t want to work in multinational company, I just don’t want to help foreigner mine our land. Being an environmental lawyer is one of my dreams, but I gave up before I tried. I don’t want to work overnight. Then I have this thought, if I got accepted in this ministry, maybe I can protecting the land, getting paid, and working with coal. So I diligently work on that exercise book. I rank 8 in the paper test on my batch.

Two days after the test, I had this interview with a consumer goods company, I’ve been prepared but I know that I didn’t like the environment at the first sight. I didn’t pass. The interviewer knows that I’m not that interested with the company.

Weeks after the test, I watch this program about a fisherman who went fishing with LPG instead of fuel oil. Watching it made my body tingling, that TV program was made by the ministry that I applied. I absolutely want to join that ministry after watching that program.

I’ve been reading the regulations and following the news so I would answer all the questions in the interview. I spill all of my knowledge and I have this positive thought that I’m going to pass this test. I’m just that confident, not overconfident, just confident and keep praying.

 At the end of January, the final test had been announced. I pass. So happy. And I can enjoy the rest of my holiday without being guilty.

Now the holiday is over. Tomorrow is the first day at work. I should keep in my mind that these are the reason why I work in here. I want to be a part of this institution. To watch over them who mine our land and make sure that they do the best practice mining. I think that this is where my passion belongs. I will try to love it. I just need to love it and the rest will follow.


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