Childhood Quirks

Do you remember your childhood quirks? Well, I have so many strange quirks as a kid. Correction, as a teen, too. And I still develop some until now. After unintentionally read an article about Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, I was shock to know that some of my quirks may lead into OCD. These are some that I still remember. Some make me laugh because it was totally nonsense when I think about it now.

  1. Have a special blanket called selimut bulu
    I develop this obsession over a thin ripped blanket since I can’t remember anything. I couldn’t go to sleep if I wasn’t wearing it. I brought it everywhere on family vacation. When it’s completely torn when I was in 6th grade, Mom had a backup for me. The exactly same blanket. Tenun ikat Bali (I guess?). It was being dried over our fence when my father pulls it and made a big hole on my blanket. I was sad and tried to sew it. Tired with my obsession with the blanket, mom bought a new one for me when I was in senior high. It was the same blanket, but two times bigger than the previous one. I didn’t like it at first because of the stiffness of the new blanket so I still use the old one. After some time, the stiffness’ gone, and I was using it until now. But I still keep my old blanket. The difference is I don’t bring my blankets while on vacation.One thing I love in this blanket is its texture. It is thin and soft. Covering me from mosquitos and chills when I was napping at the day or sleeping at night. When I was kid I have a plan to hand over this blanket to my children and my grandchild hahaha.Why I had this obsession? Mom said that I was imitated the boy next door who has the same obsession with his bolster. The difference is; I’d like to have my blanket clean, while he’d like to have no one washed his bolster.
  2. Repetitive hand washing
    I was shocked to know that repetitive hand washing is a common OCD symptom. As a kid, I did this a lot. More than 20 times a day or every time I saw water. It made me suffering tinea pedis on my fingers. Why? Because, instead of properly washed my hand with soap, I dip my hands into water tank or water bucket hahaha. No wonder then. In my college years, this habit comes again. That I can’t let my hands dirty and hand-soap-less in the bathroom made me feel uneasy.

    Why I had this habit? Maybe because I just want to have my hands always clean.

  3. Act like a duck who flapped its wings
    It was noticed by my friends at school. It was soo embarrassing that I tried my best to stop this habit. I knew this movement from a warm-up calisthenics move at school. The lyric was “bebek berenang, berenang kwek kwek” and the movement was imitated the duck who flapped its wings! Well, I remember all the movements because I was one of the instructors while I was in 5th grade. Quick trivia: warm-up calisthenics at elementary school in Indonesia is based on rajio-taiso or radio exercise brought by Japan during colonization period.

    Why I had this habit? Because I found that my side stomach was kinda itch and my arms were stiff?

  4. Excessive blinking
    This one made me go to eye specialist at hospital. My mom was super worried since I develop this quirk. Of course she would be worried! She thought that I have an eye symptom, but the doctor said that I was okay. That excessive blinking is something that I made up!

    Why I had this habit? I don’t remember. But I remember had a close friend who did it more rapidly than I was. Maybe I was imitating her.

  5. Touch everything with both hands
    Touch one thing with my right hand, means that I must touch it with my left hand too. Actually it goes on until now, sometimes, for some things.

    Why I had this habit? For the sake of equality.

  6. Repeatedly checking and counting
    I still have this habit. The feeling of uneasiness when I didn’t check and count everything twice! It bothers me sometimes, but hey! It makes me a great editor, didn’t it?

    Why I had this habit? To make sure that everything goes well.

I read that it was okay when kids develop some quirks. They said that the kids just want to have scientific experiment by doing it. Like testing the gravity by dropping different things. The quirks will be vanished after a month, or a year. The negative side of the quirks is that the kids will have some embarrassing moments if they’re doing their strange quirks outside home. Because yeah, you know, kids sometimes tease people who seem unique and different. Like my ‘act like a duck’ quirk. Or it may lead to OCD, like hand-washing, checking, and counting behavior. Well, I don’t understand OCD very much, but I thought that it still okay if it doesn’t interferes with your daily life.


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