Crochet Art and Weaving Loom Kit from 4M

Few months ago, when I was strolling in Toys Kingdom, I found this interesting kit, Crochet Art Kit! Its cover box reminds me about a blanket posted by Diana Rikasari in her instagram. I suddenly want to make it myself. I bought it and try it at my room. It looks easy in the tutorial, but it’s surprisingly hard to make. I even failed at making chain, the basic one. After that stressful experience, I decide to bring it home and let Mama did it. For I know that she’s good at crocheting.

So, Mama could easily do it without even looking at tutorial book. She did it only by glancing its shape from the cover. I feel amazed and trying to learn, but still can’t T_T. Frustrated, I bought Weaving Loom Kit thinking that it’s easier to make than crocheting. Imagining that I will be as good as Maryanne Moodie, but until now, I was only successful in making coaster. I wonder how she ties the thread.

Now I’m learning with knitting cotton thread. I was looking for the thread like she uses in Tanah Abang and Mangga Dua, but I didn’t find any. I’m going to Mayestik next time, for sure. To make something amazing like Maryanne Moodie did hahaha.

weaving loom


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