My New Buddy! Ukulele!

I got myself a present for my 22nd birthday~ Horaay! Well, it’s not the first time I give myself a gift when it’s birthday. I remember bought a big teddy bear for birthday. A little present for our self won’t hurt.

Sooo, it’s a ukulele! To be honest, I want it since July. To be honest, I want it because I find it hard to play guitar. To be honest, I want it because I want to impress a guy! Ahahaha.

For the long story, there’s a guy I like posted YouTube links of girl covering love songs with acoustic guitar. Then I have in mind that maybe if I could play some notes I could win his heart, and the guitar girls’ rocks! Don’t you think so?

I already have a guitar in my home. My dad brought it home hoping that my little brother gets motivated and started learning, but he’s never. I have it tuned and changed the strings at the local music shop and start learning from YouTube. The problem is… I have short fingers that I find it difficult to cover the fret board. It’s so big and heavy for me. I think I should start with a smaller one, but why buy another guitar when you’re already has a nice one? So, ukulele is my option. The local shop doesn’t have a stock and I don’t want a colorful one from MG. I keep searching for the affordable ones online but still have much thoughts in mind.

There’s a job fair at JCC on September 5th. Me, Resya and Nabilah are picky girls when it comes to job so we didn’t drop CV anywhere! Hahaha, but Resya drop some. On the way home, I suggested to go to Pasar Baru, check out the music store to find a ukulele for me. I finally find what I want. They started for 200.000 something rupiah and I was bargain for 150.000. They gave up easily, seems that the actual price could be cheaper than that. I ask for more but they insisted. Well, I asked for the gig bag and got it for 10.000. They must get a profit from the ukulele.

It turns out that the ukulele is pretty good. It is made in Indonesia with ‘Aloha’ brand.  I’ve looked at the cheaper ukulele and it sounds so bad. Haa I love my ukulele :D

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

I practice every day with the help from my sister. And I could play Take My Heart by SoKo now! I’m soo happy!! Yah, even  though I’m not good enough, I just feel happy by strumming my ukulele with smile covering my face :D


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