Thesis Defense, Finally!

My bachelor thesis title was Hospital Liability for Medical Misdiagnosis (Case Study: Dispute between Hospital X and Patient Y), in Bahasa was Tanggung Jawab Rumah Sakit Atas Misdiagnosis Medis (Studi Kasus: Rumah Sakit X dengan Pasien Y). I did a comparative writing about aansprakelijkeheid theory in Indonesian Civil Code, Indonesian regulation related to hospital, and New Burgelijk Wetboek. Also make a comparison with vicarious liability, ostensible agency, corporate liability, and central responsibility theory in order to decide if a hospital is liable or not for its personnels’ action. And now I know that there’s so much theory about this liability thing! Really grinds my gears.

I was scheduled to did my thesis presentation on 7th of July around 11 a.m., yet I already sat in campus’ lobby at 7 a.m. Hahaha I’m so full of energy in the morning. The examiners were my two thesis adviser, two lecturers that I have consoled before for my theme, and an Adat Law lecturer. You could say that four of them already know my thesis before I sent them the copy. They focused on my PowerPoint Presentation. Really focused on that. I gave them the answers they want. It was like having some clients consulting. Sometimes they placed their own feet as the consumers of the service that hospital gave.

I was the last student having the presentation for that session. After I’ve finished mine, they told me to call my friends who were waiting outside. They’re going to give their critics and suggestions, also the score paper. My first adviser whispering sorry to me that I didn’t have full mark on my thesis defense. Something that makes me very down and makes me didn’t open the score paper until I walk out the door. It’s a joke btw. I got an A. Full A on my score paper. I’M SO HAPPY!!

Haha. I called my beloved ones, sending them the happy news. My friends from other faculties come. Love them. I was sad and felt guilty that I couldn’t attend their thesis defense because of my full-time internship schedule. We celebrated it by taking a looooot of photos with cute properties. That’s one of the best days in my life. For I got a full mark on my score paper and a full mark on my smile :D


Sarjana Hukum :D


College best buddies!


Thank you so much #SahabatUnited :D


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