Thesis Writing Journey

Encouraged by the high spirited Nanza to do my thesis earlier, I have found my theme right after the 7th semester ended. It was the accident between commuter line and Pertamina oil truck in Bintaro that has caught my interest. I was starting to ask for who’s responsible for the accident that happened. And that’s the idea! That’s the aspect want to bring up into my thesis.

I took Comparative Civil Law (Perbandingan Hukum Perdata) Class that semester, and I found the class was very interesting. I love every aspect of comparative! I want to write a thesis about comparative law. So, I was starting to build the ideas for my thesis. It is about the rules in Article 1367 of Indonesian Civil Code about aansprakelijkeheid or tanggung gugat majikan, in comparison to the rules in New Burgelijk Wetboek and vicarious liability in Common Law system. That’s the theories I would use to identify which party is liable for the accident. Commuter line, Pertamina, truck driver, or others.

Then I asked my Comparative Civil Law lecturer to discuss my idea, and he didn’t recommend me to write about that case, since it’s too fresh. Then he recommended some ideas about other themes, but I really want to know who’s liable for that! I want to stick to that theme! Haha. Okay, I’m going to search for other cases that somehow related to my theme. I really stick with Nanza at this brainstorming time. When she went to our Health Law lecturer to discuss her ideas, I prepared my theme to match with Health Law too, so I could ask him some question. And… He really gave me insight at the first talk! It’s fixed! I’m going to write about health law!

I tell you. My thesis journey was awesome. I love my theme. It was something that I really gave much thought into. I’m not doing it half-hearted. I’m doing it with ALL my heart.

Then, I registered my thesis’ title earlier at the 8th semester. Get two thesis advisers, one of them is the Health Law lecturer that gave me the ideas, and another was my Adat Law lecturer. I began searching for a copy of that case at Mahkamah Agung, reading a lot of rules and books and articles and journals, interviewed some experts from my college and Ikatan Dokter Indonesia (IDI), and started writing thesis with much much much revision from my thesis adviser who was completely strict with my writings.

Alhamdulillah. I didn’t found any big obstacle in this thesis writing. I thought it would be hard since at the middle of April, I’ve got an internship at one of the biggest coal company in Indonesia. In fact, it didn’t burden me at all! Instead, I got a very wide view of my thesis. I got the chance to discuss it with the seniors in the company. I learnt a lot from them and put all the suggestions into my thesis.

Yup, I’m a proud writer. So, when my thesis adviser finally approved mine, I believe that I could finish my presentation with an A! Insya Allah.


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