Paper Flower Monogram

Yeay! Another paper flower craft!

When I read the tutorial from Living Loving yesterday. I decide to make my own monogram today. So, when the sun rised up, I ran to the bookstore and bought some crepe papers. And when I was wandering in Toys Kingdom, I found something that made my eyes popped. Glue gun with 50% off!! I ran to ask the salesgirl to confirm the price. And it’s really 50% off! I was so happy that I couldn’t stop smiling! Well, I’ve been dreaming of having one and now you don’t have to give me glue gun as a gift for my next birthday :p

paper flower monogram-1

I bought that glue gun with only IDR 24.900 and the glue stick got 70% off. So it becomes Rp 3.450. Even cheaper than a cheap glukol o_O
Smart shoppers! Go get yours at the nearest Toys Kingdom! They still have tons of it! Lol.

Well, back to the flowers.

It was kinda easy to make. Not as I was thinking before.  But it’s hard to cut the Styrofoam, so I let it square and wrapped it with gift paper that I bought a long time ago.

paper flower monogram-2

paper flower monogram-3

I made it two. L stands for my name, and A stands for my sis since we shared our room.

paper flower monogram-4

But when I looked at it again, I think my choice to wrap it with floral gift paper was kinda wrong. Since it doesn’t make the letters seem contrast.

paper flower monogram-5

But well. Still happy with the result :D


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