Picnic at Ancol

Me and Avis had another picnic time!

We did it last Sunday. This time we chosed Ancol as our venue. Since we didn’t like the idea of picnicking in the morning, we decided to play at Atlantis Waterpark in the morning, and went picnicking when it’s noon. We had been arrived at Ancol before 8 am and still could enjoy the breath of fresh air. There are only a few people in Atlantis and the weather was very clear and hot. Well, the games were not very amusing there. We spent our time in olympic pool and the 3m depth pool when he forced me to learn swimming. I was almost drowning D:

When it’s already 11 am. We stopped playing and started to find a place to spread our mat and prepare our meals. The beach view is not really nice, btw. Yeah, it’s not in Lampung where every beach has pearl white sands.

picnic at ancol-1

Our picnic was different from what we had in Ragunan last year. This time I didn’t prepared ready-to-eat meals for our lunch. Avis brought his portable stove and I brought the raw materials such as prawns, eggs, eggplant, salad things, grapes and others.

So you think that bringing stove for the picnic beach was kinda weird? People kept watching us for cooking at the seashore while they’re eating their light meals.

That day the wind was blowing hard, so we needed to keep the fire on by defended it with everything we had. Tupperware, stove box, our body, etc. For your information, we started lighting our stove at 12 pm and finally could eat the meals on 2 pm. Hahaha. It took times to wait for the oil to boil. What? You thought that 2 hours was too much long? Well, I spilled the oil 3 times when it’s almost ready :P

picnic at ancol-2

picnic at ancol-3

All we did there were cutting the vegetables, seasoning prawns, tried to make fried eggplant. I never cooked eggplant before. I never eat eggplant for years, though.

Chef Diannegara in action!

Chef Diannegara in action!

We did the cook together, Avis was in charge for the friend prawns (since I often spill the oil), eggplant and McD style scramble egg, and I was in charge for giving him instructions, haha, plus making salad.

picnic at ancol-5 picnic at ancol-6 

Taraa! And this is our whole meals!

 picnic at ancol-7

What? You want to know what it tastes?

Well, the friend prawn was kinda salty because I let it salted overnight. The stir-fried eggplant was failed, because… we really don’t know how to cook eggplant. The salad was tasted like salad, a normal one. And the McD style scramble egg was great :D

Nah, it teaches us something. If you want to cook outdoor, make sure you choose the place that didn’t have strong wind, like Ragunan. Eventhough this time picnic was kinda failed, but we enjoy it from head to toe!


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