Fingerprint Balloons

I gave the birthday boy two books about financial planning. Huh? Sounds boring? But we both recently put an interest into that thing. I gave him Manajemen by Amplop authored by Aidil Akbar and a green one.

Another gift was a double sided frame. I placed one side with a photo of him wearing his engineer suit that I stole from his laptop, and on another side I placed a drawing of mine with fingerprint balloons. As much as his age.

fingerprint balloons-4

fingerprint balloons-3

I’ve been thinking of this kind of fingerprint art since last year, when I was planning for his 23rd birthday. But at that time, pop-up card wins. And I don’t want to overwhelm him with my d-i-y things.

And I draw it at the same day when I draw the “wondering what will happen today” post in this blog. When the class hasn’t started yet. And started to paint it on Sunday.

fingerprint balloons-1

fingerprint balloons-2

I’m kind of like the result. I was using my pointer instead of thumb, because thumb makes the giant balloons.

Anyway, I’m thinking of having this kind of fingerprint art for my wedding (that will happen for the next … years. haha) I’ve been looking through internet for that idea and instantly falling in love with the concept. Thumbprint as the leaves for a tree… balloons… flowers… Oh my, I really want one!  


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