A Bouquet of Roses

Last Saturday, I’ve got a single red rose from Avis. This is the third time he gave me that kind of thing. The first one in the valentine evening in 2013, second when we have a random date, and the last is on 25th of April, when he accompany me to buy a new phone.

Paper rose - 1

Having got some single roses, I thought of giving him a bouquet of rose. Of course I’d give him that kind of flower that will never wilt. Paper flower it is.

I read the tutorial from JonesDesignCompany that give very clear instructions how to make a rose with only rolled the paper.

For me, I’m using 16×16 cm color papers and have it printed with music notes, “My Favorite Things” from Sound of Music because currently I hear it every day. I print five of them and cut it at once for saving time :p

Paper rose - 2

Time for rolling rolls!

Paper rose - 3

I don’t have a glue gun, so I’m using Aica Aibon to glue the center of the coil. (For those who read this post. Please give me glue gun for my next birthday.)

Paper rose - 4

After it’s done. I glue the rose to the wire stem with double tape (Trust me! If you have another option than double tape, use it! Double tape is not effective! But still okay… ) and cover the another side of double tape with paper leaves.

Paper rose - 5

Collect them together and hug with tissue paper.

Paper rose - 6

Give another hug with plastic, tied with cute ribbon, and this is your bouquet of roses!

Paper rose - 7

Spray some perfume to make it more appealing :D But don’t spray it on roses, spray it on the tissue paper.


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