Box of Flowers for Mom’s Birthday

My mom celebrates her birthday on 15th April. So, I thought of give her something useful, like a Singer sewing machine she adores. But I haven’t got any money to get one. Would you wait until next year, Mom? When I already have a job.

With a little cash in my pocket, I’m thinking of something nice, heartwhelming, cheap and easy to make, and I’m thinking about flower. Every woman loves flower, right? So, why don’t I give my mom flowers? Not a real one, but an artificial. Because I’m gonna ship it through mail. After browsing some of artificial flower tutorial on Pinterest, this one has caught my interest.

Paper Lavender Tutorial

It looks easier to make than the rest of tutorials. And it’s unique! It’s a lavender! Usually the tutorials are about flower which has petals. I’m kind of worried to cut and glue the petals, by the way.

Actually I have my own tutorial to make this lavender. But, all the photos’ gone since I lost my phone last Friday. Will talk about it later when I already have the replacement T_T

Oh well, instead of using fingers to curled the paper, just use the bobby pin, it’s much easier to do. And don’t forget to put double tape on both side, the back side and the front side where you curled the paper in order to stick the curled one for it give a long lasting curls.

Then, voila! Here’s my lavender paper flower.


Gift is not a gift without card. So, I make one for mom. With a lovey dovey flower as the theme.



Nah, I admit that these card is a childish one. Looks like it’s made by a kid. Well, I’m my mom’s kiddy, right. No problem, no problem ;)

I put those flowers into the blue box which I purchased in Mayestik at this beginning of month. The blue box with a polkadot ribbon really suit, doesn’t it?



When it comes to 14th of April, I went to the nearest courier and deliver it for a “Yakin Esok Sampai” service. But, it doesn’t arrive at home on 15th April, though.  Creating little pimples on my cheek. Means that I’m angry.

Well, this noon Mom chat me via Line and thank me for the package. Those pimples are now gone forever :) Here’s the picture she sent me after getting the package.



Looks like my mom’s ability to rearrange things is better than mine.

Happy birthday, mom! Wish you a healthy, happy, long life! :D


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