Experiencing Skill Degradation

Have you experienced it? Skill degradation? Well, I had. 

A long time ago, I was so good and fast when it came to drew digitally with only mouse. Then, since I have graphic tablet which I purchased when I was in high school, I lost that skill.

This afternoon, I ditched violin lesson because of stomachache -well, period- and practiced alone in my room instead. Since I lost my Suzuki 2 book, I was playing songs from Suzuki 1, and… I have a bad time. Why is it so hard? I had mastered it before…  The flexibility of my fingers seem gone, my arms get tired easily and hard to fast read the partitur.

Is it because I haven’t had enough routine practice like I used to? Always ditched warming ups? Lulu, let’s practice more *cries*


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