2nd Musical Prologue: Let The Music Explain

Last Sunday, on 23th February 2014 at Komunitas Salihara’s theatre, Autodidact Violin Community (AVC) held their annual event: Musical Prologue. This 2nd Musical Prologue have phrase “Let the Music Explain” as tagline. Well, the orchestra wants to tell about sad love story which is based on a true story.

We’ve got to play Friend by Mocca, Sahabat Kecil by Ipang, Dealova by Once, Roman Picisan by Dewa 19, To Where You Are by Josh Groban, There You’ll Be by Faith Hill, also Overture, Fragments and Finale composed by Mr. Yudi Cakra as our music director and conductor. Aside from the orchestra team, there was also the opening team that plays Only Hope by Mandy Moore.

I was placed in the violin 3 for this year, kinda sad though, because I was in violin 2 last year. Well, I know it since I have no progress at all aside from being able to do a very little bit vibrato haha. Need to practice harder, huh? I wonder if I could play in next year Musical Prologue since I’ve got to graduate this August.

It was my second time in string orchestra and I’m not as fat as I was in the last year concert. I’m so happpeeeeehh haha. And I was very happy since my family came from Lampung only to watch me and they gave me a bouquet of flower. Oh, I love them. My girls also came and they gave hardest applause when my name’s being called haha. Its so you.

For the situation, let the pictures explain.





See you in the next Musical Prologue! :D


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