Happy Silver Wedding Anniversary!

Do you remember why I need to find porcelain paint? It was because I need it to make a special gift for my parents’ wedding anniversary. Since it’s the silver one, I want to make it special, hihi.

I’ll tell you how to make silhouette mug with some simple tools. You only need to buy the mug and porcelain paint.

What you need:

  • plain white mug, buy it at Giant Supermarket for IDR 17.000
  • computer, printer and its paper,
  • plastic sheet,
  • scotch tape and scissors,
  • big flat brush and small rounded one, cotton bud,
  • and the most important thing is porcelain paint (I use Lefranc & Bourgeois Vitrail glass paint) IDR 42.500 at Gunung Agung bookstore.

Finally found the paint at Gunung Agung Margo City. They even gave me tutorial flyer and some advice. It’s the transparent one eventhough internet says that newbie should not play with transparent paint.


  • Clean the glass and let it dry.
  • Make a face silhouette by tracing a photo on computer. I use Paint Tool Sai and print it blue so I can clearly see the edges.
  • Paste the printed paper to plastic sheet with scotch tape and make silhouette hole with scissors.
  • Release the plastic sheet from the paper and paste it to the glass using scotch tape.
  • Time to paint! Don’t be too excited, carefully paint the edges of silhouette with small rounded brush, making frame.
  • Release the plastic sheet from glass, and you will see a mess. Hehe no need to worry. Just tidy up the silhouette with cotton bud before the paint dry out, or get a help from a little splash of water.
  • Paint the inner silhouette with big flat brush and let it dry.
  • Ta-da!

The paint is quite strong. I’ve been failed when trying to make it for the first time. So I ran to the bathroom and tried to clean it with water and bathroom brush. The paint hasn’t got off my hands for few days.

Happy 5th February! Happy silver wedding anniversary mama and papa. I love you :D


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