Not Ready Yet to be A Mom

Lately, seeing Oon always makes me sad. I’ve always hold my tears so mom will not see. I pity her. She’s just not ready yet to be a mom. She’s just a small cat who needs a lot of affection from her surroundings. She wants to be cared, not to care.

In the morning after the day she gave birth, she’s knocking the back door, seeing mom did her routine. Mom opened the door and Oon followed her, just like the old days. She’s asking for her food and jumped to mom’s lap. Mom told her that she can’t do it again. She has kittens to be cared. Then, Oon sounds up. Myyaa, myaa. It sounds like: “I still want to play”, “I want to be cared,” “I don’t know why I have kittens,” in my head. Hearing her always made me cry.

I remember when I took Child Protection Law class, there are a lot of stories about teen’s pregnancies. There’s one story about an 11th y.o. boy that makes her 16th y.o. girlfriend pregnant. It was sad to know that fact, and I was feeling the same on Oon’s situation.

And I start to ask myself; in this age, am I ready yet to be a mom?


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