The Birth of Four Kittens

So, yesterday our family cat, Oon, gave birth to 4 kittens. We didn’t have any preparation because we didn’t even know that she’s pregnant!

In the morning, mom insisted to give Oon a bath because she hasn’t get a bath for about 1 week. Well, around 12 pm, Oon was walking around the grass, seems like she’s gonna pee or poo but then, I saw viscous fluid running through her bottom. Well, my mind said that she’s suffering leukorrhea. Stupid. Seeing the white fluid coming from her bottom, mom washed her with my sis, and the shocking moment happened. I saw 2 black balls like in her tits, it’s like the balls gonna fall from hers. My mind’s running and then shouted, “Oon’s pregnant! The infants look like it’s gonna fall from her tits!” Hear me shout, dad with all his might, prepared the box and put a lot of newspaper in it. We abandoned Oon in our backyard so she’s not going inside the house and can concentrate with the birth process. Oon is a smart cat after all,  she knows the box’s made for her. So, she sneaked into it.

We feel silly. We did notice that there’s some physical change with Oon, like she’s getting bigger and her body shape turn into a triangle shape, small head big bottom, and pinkish nipples. But, that’s all. She’s still so active, jumping here, jumping there, big appetite, and she’s so young! She’s only 8 months old. So we thought that she’s just suffering obesity, not pregnancy. Since mom told us that she’s trying to mate with Codet, a stray cat around my neighborhood, we suspected that she’s pregnant, but she still so active, and internet told that a pregnant cat will be lazy, have no appetite, aside from pinkish nipples and big body (which we assumed obesity). So we didn’t believe that she’s pregnant and kept washing her, playing with her, squeezing her tummy which is not recommended to did to a pregnant cat (based on the internet).

Me and mom kept watching Oon’s movement while searching in the internet and asking some of my friends for help. Oon looks so confuse. She’s expanding her legs, looks like she’s going to poo on the grass, but it didn’t came out. Mom said that giving a birth is like you want to have a poo. But, instead of poo, the baby’s came out. Then, around 5.50 pm, I saw Oon was licking her butt, I kept watching and, it’s not her butt she’s keep on licking, it’s the kitten! A kitten just came out on the grass! That’s it! She thinks that she’s going to poo, but it’s not poo, it’s a kitten! I was excited and calling for mom, but Oon was shocked by my voice, she’s running to the box and… the kitten still hanging on her butt, aww looks painful. That was sad and I got blamed by mom for what I’ve done, shocking her.

Another sad moment came later, Oon seems didn’t care about the kitten, she left it while the kitten searching for her. Well, the kitten’s still blind and couldn’t move. It’s because the placenta still hanging with its navel. Oon didn’t eat the kitten’s placenta so the kitten’s crying. I felt sorry for it and asking mom if we should cut the placenta from the kitten so the kitten could move freely. Mom didn’t allow me and told me that we should left them naturally. She believed that Oon has mom’s instinct and she will took care of the kitten.

Later on 6 pm, all of the kittens came out, Oon just gave birth to four kittens! Not two like I was thought before. But, Oon still didn’t eat the first kitten’s placenta! She’s just taking care of the other three. So, me and mom encouraged her to eat that placenta, and mom also preparing scissors and betadine just in case Oon didn’t want to ate the placenta. Well, finally Oon ate the placenta and the kitten could freely move ^^ I was so happy to know it. Now, all of the kittens have tasted their mommy’s milk. All the kittens look so cute and so active like their mom. Actually they’re look like aliens. They’re cute because they’re small.

It was raining outside, dad put a lamp inside the box so the kittens feeling warmer. Oon looks so tired after giving a birth, when we placed her food and drink beside the box, it looks like she wants to touch it but she’s can’t, the kittens too busy drinking her milk. She’s too young to have kittens after all. Thank God for letting Oon have 4 healthy kittens even though she’s still young and we’ve bullied play with her a lot.


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