Big City vs Small Town

Where’s the best place to live? In the big city or in a small town? Well, you can have your own reason and I will have mine, then I’ll spell out mine.

Online stores are the absolute savior for those who live in a small town. Well, you can’t find anything there! For the art souls, there’s no art supplies like porcelain paint (I seek it through the town yesterday and I really need it!), minimum choice of coloring and sewing tools, small bookstores with few collections and for the fashionistas….  minimum choice of clothes. Sorry, but no branded store here.

Public transportation sucks. Those who live in a big city should be relieved for what they got on public transportation. In a small town, it’s hard to get public transportation after 6 pm. You really really really need to have your own car or motorcycle. Oops! Have I told you that you need to be aware of the robber if you go out after 9 pm? Especially if you’re riding the motorcycle. 

Lack of entertainment. There’s no big mall, no cute stores, little choice of foods, small zoo, dirty waterpark. What entertain you the most are beach, beach, beach and beach then beach. The beach is sure good. But aren’t you tired with so much beach?

That’s the minuses. I can’t think of any other minus actually.
Compared to the big city…

Well, online stores are our friend when we’re lazy to get out and its shipping cost is cheap!

Public transportation? Always available until midnight. It’s no problem if you can’t drive or don’t have any private transportation.

Need to be entertained? You can get it everywhere. Every 1 km there’s a nice restaurant, cute store and whatever fun you need.

But but but…

Although there’s a lot of choices of public transportation, the traffic’s so high. So you need to prepare for the time wasted in your trip. Wake up early in the morning and go home late. 

Too many entertainment makes you lazy. Lazy to cook, lazy to make your things done by yourself, lazy to think what activity should be done with your family at home.

Did I said home? Well, I’m kinda scared to think how to afford a nice home in the big city. Well, its kind of pricey… and does the neighborhood nice enough for the family? The perfect home in my mind is where the kids can play sports like soccer or badminton on the neighborhood road, where the ladies chit-chatting in arisan, PKK, pengajian you named it, where the fathers sharing ideas about how to celebrate independence day. And every weekend the family can gather to eat some special dishes at the backyard. How can you afford a house with a large backyard in the city?! @_@

The sky’s also different. In a small town you can see the dark sky with the little sparkling stars. In the city? The sky’s red. Literally red. Full of smokes and what? You wish to see the sparkling start all above your head? No, it won’t happen. City lights are your stars. It’s kinda pretty too. But still, the sky’s reeeed.

Should I tell you about the flood? I think it’s no.

Well, the two have their pluses and minuses. It’s nice to live in the big city where you can get all the facilities, but it’s nice to breathe the fresh air in the small town. Especially in your retirement’s day.


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