Ragunan, The Cheapest Zoo In The World

What kind of fun you can get with only a little cash in your pocket? It’s absolutely Ragunan Zoo. The ticket is cheaper than a can of soda. You only have to pay IDR 4000/person and you can enjoy this amazing place which is located in the south of Jakarta.

Ragunan is like a miniature of tropical forest with big trees all over the place. It is 147 hectares wide so you need to prepare your stamina to walk. But if you feel don’t like it, you can spread your mat and have lunch instead, because Ragunan Zoo also has some picnic areas.

It is home for thousands animals consist from fishes, mammals, reptils and birds. At the entrance, you will be greeted the large number of beautiful pelicans.  When you walk in, you will see many wildlife creatures like honey bear, lions, giraffe, leopard, zebra and many more. You also can ride the animals, like elephant which you can ride if you pay IDR 7500/person. If you need to see a kind of domestic animal, Ragunan Zoo also has chikens!

Don’t forget to visit Schmutzer Primate Center once you arrive at Ragunan. It is the biggest primate center in the world where they have huge number of primates. You need to pay IDR 6000 to get in, and then you can travel inside. It is a well designed cave with open concept zoo, where the primates lived in it as if it were in their natural habit. We can’t see them but they can’t see us because the type of glass that Schmutzer Primate Center used. The primates consist of orangutans, gorillas, chimpanzees, kukang and rare species of primates.

It’s really worth the money to go to Ragunan Zoo with your family, friends or even with your date. The last thing I should remind you, don’t forget to bring the zoo map! Unless you want to get lost in this super large zoo.


My today’s homework. I want to go theeere!


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