Hello 2014, bye-bye 2013

Holla 2014!!
2013 was a superb year, and 2014 must be greater.
2013 resolution that I wrote last year let’s see if I had accomplished it or not.

  • Be a nice girl, stop being cold to others, even to the strangers.
    Hello, nice to meet you. I’m really nice although I don’t even know you, right? *winkwink haha. hmm, I think I am nicer compared to my attitude in 2012
  • Be sensitive and care towards people.
    I think that I’m more sensitive though, haha. Still need to improve my sensitivity.
  • Smile often, don’t frown, you’re not a guard dog.
    Fewer smiles in 2013. I wonder why…
  • Talks often, don’t be so passive.
    Too often that some people get hurt (maybe) But still need to improve my communication
  • Follow the daily schedule.
    Perfectly done in the first semester. Second semester… nah, maybe because room moving + I get a roommate in my little nest, not easy to follow the schedule + I got a date. Texting, night calling, dating and so on. Should have it done perfectly this year.
  • Study harder, understand every little spot on the learning materials.
    It works well. I got nice GPA on the first semester. All A except the horror subject and unexpected one. I know I can do it though. The second semester works better. The best score that I’ve ever get! :D
  • Read the books.
    I don’t read many books. Arrrgh. Just one Sydney Sheldon’s novel and GUIM’s book.
  • Follow the news.
    Yay! Make it! Because of the room moving, I got better signal on my tv so I can watch many channel. Ohoho, poor me. But I don’t even buy any newspaper or tempo magazine like I did in 2012. It becomes too pricey for my wallet :( Well, we have TV and internet.
  • Improve my English skill.
    I took TOEFL Prediction Test and the result is better than I expected. I got 542. Hehe. Well, it hasn’t reach 550 something, but it’s still good. I got bad score for structure and written expression. Like you can see in this blog. There are SOOO many grammar mistakes. Need to study harder.
  • Able to do vibrato in violin.
    Yatta!! I did it! Now I am able to do vibrato. Hihi, still sounds not really good, but it’s okay.
  • Not going to bed so early.
    Hehe! I did it too. Going to bed around 10-11-12 pm now.
  • Wake up before adzan shubuh every day.
    Just when I decide to have shaum.
  • Keep doing marathon on Sunday morning and ten minutes of stretching every morning.
    Because of dating semeone and got a new roommate, it’s hard to do. But I’m gonna make it again this year.
  • Read Al-Quran and its translation, not only read it, but also understand the meanings.
    Sadly, I haven’t accomplished this mission yet. When Ramadhan last year, I’m busy with my internship.
  • Increase the recitation number of sura.
    :( Failed. But I have improved at shalat.

Well, I’ve accomplished most of my resolution last year. Hehe. Need to work harder.
So here’s my 2014 resolution!

  • Get my law degree this year! It’s a must!
  • Having internship before June.
  • Get a job before the end of year. It’s way better if I already get it before graduation.
  • Read Al-Quran and its translation. Need to brought one from home.
  • Getting better on violin.
  • Follow the daily schedule. At least for 10 days in a row, for a reason.
  • Studying English, especially structures.
  • Reviewing all the law materials, especially business law.
  • Be nice, be good, be healthy, be pretty, be smart and don’t forget to smile :)


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