Women and Law

pohon wahum

This semester I took Women and Law class because I’m kind of interested in this class. My friends told me that they’re really enjoyed the class material, like doing observation to the groups of women and there’s no final written test for this class, just make a paper and doing presentation of students’ research. I’ve experienced this kind of test when I took Anthropology of Law class when I was in 4th semester. And it was amazing because I got to interviewed a group of people and found some shocking facts about humanity.

So I took the class and made a group consists of 9 people, 4 of them already married. This condition made our group easily to search for women who have issues with law. Our group choose polygamy issue for our research because 2 of our group member have acquitances whose facing those issue.

For the class, we have some movies about gender and got some guest lecturers from amazing women, like Mrs. Musdah Mulia who gives us a lecture about Women and Islam, and brave grandmas who survived from Orde Baru era, where they’re being jailed by the government for something they’re didn’t do. Their stories are really interesting and made you jawdropping.

The research went good and we found the information that we need to complete our paper. Our friends whose interviewed the subject of our polygamy issue said that she was crying for a countless times when she interviewed her and began to compose the data.

Well, can you imagine if you’re the child of a father who do polygamy while your mother is abroad to make some money for your family because your father can’t make money for you two? And it doesn’t stop here, because your funds from your mother is not enough to fulfill the family expenses, so you need to work as a maid to fulfill it. And your father do nothing, but married again with other woman. And actually your grandpa do polygamy too. Sick, isn’t it?

Well, for our presentation we made that tree. Which is patriarchi, religion and capitalism is the based who make law, politics and media as the stem, and those as a stem make people’s view of women which cause polygamy, sexual harassment, women trafficking, raping, and the deaths of mom.

In the end of the class (presentation time) we also can hear other groups presentation which is as amazing as our group. And we need to make a campaign too! Our group made bookmarks, stickers and pens. The other groups made  booklets, words in a candy and poster.

Well, if you are a law student you must take this class, because you will see life differently after finishing the class.


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