Write the Pain Away

I was feeling down last Sunday that I can’t get my eyes closed. So, I have decided to open my laptop and write my feeling. In the process of writing, I feel funny, I laugh a lot, then I was feeling down again till I cry and I laugh again. After finish my writing, I feel so relieved! And feel sleepy of course.

It’s so magical when writing can help you with your stress. Wonder if I have not written my pain away and get sleep with tears on my eyes. The eyes gonna get puffed in the morning and I will feel terrible.

On Wednesday, I have read a magazine which talk about this and named it “expressive writing” Wow! What a coincidence. I have just done it and read about it two days after. I don’t even know that psychology have found this method. Since this method seems effective to get away the pain, maybe I’ll try to do it again someday.

Oops, and don’t forget to demolish it after you finish writing.


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