Smile!! :)

Because I have nothing to do this aternoon as my class starts on 7 p.m., I insist to look at some of my friends’ soc-meds so I could know how they’re doing. Kinda feeling shock when I found this:

She answer that question on her formspring at July, 7th 2010, when both of us just finished our high school life.

And then I found another post about my “smiles” on Edwin’s blog, my friend whom I met at titik 4 GUIM 2,

Leila, pertama kali gue liat pas ngumpul titik 4 di solaria. Pas lagi rapat disana, dia ga ngomong sepatah kata pun kecuali pas mesen makanan. Kerjaannya cuma senyum senyum ga jelas…..

Tapi bahkan kalo si Leila dikatain sama yang lain, dia cuma senyum senyum.

And even my beloved one wrote in his blog that I drive him crazy with my unreasonable smile…..Actually there’re not only them who said that I was smiling a lot, so many people (since junior high school I think) that asked me why I am smiling? and  I just answered, “do I need a reason to smile?”

But now, those posts made me think, did I smile too much?
To think about it, even me thought that I DO smile a LOT. Like when I was drying my clothes in front of my rent-room this morning, I was smiling, then my neighbor came out, she saw me smiling for nothing, and it feels awkward…
Then I wrote this post, and I am smiling.
Sometimes when I was walking outside, I realize that I was smiling.
No, I’m not suffering from Angelman Sydrome… seems not.
Why I am smiling? I don’t know either :| but I believe you wouldn’t want to see me frown, because I’m so good at making a scary face >:)
So just let me smile without asking the reason hahaha.


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