2013 Resolutions

2012 was a great year, I feel that I’ve changed to a good one and complete some part of my life, but still lack at many things.

So my 2013 resolutions are:
– Be a nice girl, stop being cold to others, even to the strangers.
– Be sensitive and care towards people.
– Smile often, don’t frown, you’re not a guard dog.
– Talk often, don’t be so passive.
– Follow the daily schedule.
– Study harder, understand every little spot on the learning materials.
– Read the books.
– Follow the news.
– Improve my english skill.
– Able to do vibrato in violin.
– Not going to bed so early.
– Wake up before adzan shubuh everyday.
– Keep doing marathon on Sunday morning and ten minutes of scretching every morning.
– Read Al-Quran and its translation, not only read it, but also understand the meanings.
– Increase the recitation number of sura.

And we’ll start this resolution from…


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