My Dream Job

What’s your dream job?

When someone asked me that question, I can’t even give them the answer since I guess that I have no dream job :?

I’ll go with the flow. Because now I’m studying about law, I hope my future job will be something that related with my study, but there are lot of jobs related to law such as judge, notary, advocat, prosecutor, law consultant, corporate lawyer, even diplomat. So what should I choose?

But if you asked me about my dream job before I went to college, maybe I’ll give you another answer.

If you asked me when I was in elementary, I’ll said that I wanna be a doctor.
Not that I want to dedicated my life to save people’s lifes or that I like science so much that I want to focus on it. It was because its so easy to blabbering especially when you have to write essays about your dream plus to being a doctor is so mainstream in kids environment so the elders will not question you. Guess that I’m a sly kid back after :))
My real dream is that I wanna be an actress hahahahaha. Totally will not write it in the essays or tell it to my parents.

If you asked me when I was in elementary, but in the 6th grade, I’ll said that I wanna be an architect.

That is my real dream since I was interested in designing and decorating houses. Thanks to The Sims and some house-making application that my dad have installed on our home computer.

If you asked me when I was in junior high, I’ll said that I still wanna be an architect. But it only a camouflase to my real dream job, which is becoming a comic artist or illustrator.

Since I love drawing and have collected hundreds of comic books, I starts drawing my own comic when I was in 7th grade. It’s about 160 pages and the story is about the life of typical junior high school girl, which is so mary-sue and maybe you’ll think that it will not happen in real life. In fact, it happened, because I took some of the scenes from my experiences in school :p

If you asked me when I was in high school, I’ll said that I wanna be an interior designer or illustrator because I’m giving up about being a comic artist.

That was because I’ve never seen any qualified Indonesian comic and have no idea that Indonesian comic industries will be as good as Japan. But when I was in the 11th grade, Indonesian comic industries rises and made me want to be a comic artist again, but the dream was young… Only made it for some contest and never finished it. Just made names and the storylines. Plus the college fee for art student is quite expensive and my parents implied that they wont allowed me studying art in the college.

The other dream is to become a fiction writer since I’ve started to bought novel instead of comic books (since I can get it for free on the internet).

The dream starts when I’ve found a site called fanfiction(dot)net where I could read the fictions made by fan, then I made my own account and put my fanfictions there, but it was not a long lasting dream… I prefer to wrote diary than fiction. lol.

When I was in the 12th grade, I start to grow other dream with my friends. The dream was about that we will worked in the same building when we were older. The building was the hospital!

So my friends whose dreaming to become a doctor will become the doctors.
My friend whose dreaming to become a psychologist will become the psychologist (of course!).
My friend whose dreaming to become an architect will designed the hospital buildings.
My friend whose dreaming to become a notary will doing some notary job in that hospital (?) Well, at that time i don’t have any idea of what should a notary do?

And me, yes, me, who doesn’t have any dream at that time (because I don’t have any dream so I just want to go to STAN because people said it’s easy to get a job if you have studied there), will become the owner of the hospital hahahahaha! -_-

And if you asked me when I was a fresman in the law school, I’ll tell you that I wanna be a law consultant or notary since I’m a law student and it suits for woman (I think) who want to live like a mom (?) or maybe I’ll said that I wanna be a corporate lawyer because the fee is high.

In this junior life I think that I wanna be a diplomat, but (again) the dream was short since I’ve attend some international law classes and seems that it doesn’t suit me.

After thinking about law-related jobs and followed the news, I started to dream about become a mayor of my town :D

I build that dream because I want my hometown to be a better town since I found there are so many unorganized things in that town. But the dream fade away since there is a new mayor that has been elected. The mayor is good enough to make the city better. His programs are good especially on held city bus that have air conditioner in it, well, like busway. And it is much much better than angkot. For your information, most angkot in my town have super ultra big soundsystem that will play house music and it really annoys the passsangers.

Then again, there is Jokowi, the good governor from Jakarta. So the dream of becoming mayor seems gone since there are so much capable people. Well, my mom once said that it is better to be a wife of a mayor than be a mayor itself. lol.

But (again) actually I keep my real dream job. So you wanna know? Really really really wanna know? :D

Okay, I’ll tell you. I wanna be a nice wife + mom. Haha.

No… I’m not saying that I wanna be a housewife. I don’t wanna be the one and even my mom will not like it if I end up to be a housewife. Even that my mom said to be a wife of a mayor seems to be a good choice, but become a wife of a president, diplomat or director is okay too (????????).

Well, for now I just want to graduate from this law school. get a real job, being a notary seems nice since I like and majoring at private law, or trying to be a corporate legal for few years or being an environment lawyer like Marshall in How I Met Your Mother :D/ then back to the paragraph before :p


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