Shadow Support

So, last weekend I’ve joined with GUIM went to Puncak doing team building between the commitees and the teachers. We’ve played a lot of games, one of it is the shadow support game.
The rule of the game is we have to randomly choose one person who will get our support without they know. We need to give our affection to her/him so they’re become motivated enough and happy!

On the night when the shadow support game have just begin, I sat on the terrace after playing some table tennis, full from eating dinner and roasted corn, and sipping a lot of tea. I bring my book with me because I want to study for exam but actually I’m not studying. I’ve guessed everyone who approach me as my shadow supporter :)

By the way, my shadow supporter is very very very sweet <3 Later on that night, I found a piece of tissue with my name on it hanging on the door of girls’ room. It says:
“Selamat Berjuang buat UAS nya Leila =)
Semangat juga timbulnya
Ayo kita senang-senang dulu
Ci A yO”
I found it very sweet so I kept it in my book.

At first I don’t have any thought about my shadow supporter. I know the identity of my shadow supporter since she offered me a glass of sweet hot tea two times in that night! She is Ditha, vice project officer of  GUIM angkatan 2.
She always gave me Semangat!! word when she faced me, put on blanket on me when I was sleeping, waking me up in the morning and remind me to sholat, waking me up (again) when it’s time to lunch. Giving me snack and water to drink at lunch. Wow so many things that she gave to me o_0

Having someone to support you is sure really nice!

In real life (so that’s not the real life?) people do want to get support from others. Like I was texting my parent when facing exam yesterday, hope they gave me some motivated words and it works!
Simple support like a word such as Semangat! from people you love can make you happy and motivated :)


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