Salute to all the idols out there.
Being interrupted in life by fans sure isn’t easy.
You need to control your speech, habit and all to keep your image safe.
And when you slipped a bit, you may lose your fame.

Actually we don’t know your burden behind your laugh.
Your tears behind your refreshing smile.
Your hard work that make your feet hurts.
And when you failed at something, people started to blame

You lose your time with your friends.
Missing chit-chatting under the sunlight.
Barely meet with whole family because you’re so busy doing your job.
And when you get caught loving a person, people will leave you.

You keep doing what they want.
Keep smiling in front of camera.
Keep dancing energically to make them happy.
And when there’s a frown on your face, people started talking bad.

Work may be a burden.
Fans may make you insecure.
But always remember, not everyone can be an idol.
And true fans will respect and love you for who you are.


Well, got inspired by JKT48.


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